From Scrawny to Brawny, Six-Pack Abs: Stick with It

For scrawny guys, certain public situations can be embarrassing. We generally think of overweight men being insecure about removing their shirts They will look for the answer of how to lose weight as well as how to lose arm fat, but the same can be said for a rail-thin guy at the beach. Prominent rib cages don’t exactly qualify as eye candy. Luckily there are ways to put on a few pounds of muscle and achieve a comfortable, confident surf-side presence.

In order to gain muscle mass, you’ll need to increase your calorie intake. Eat foods that are rich in protein in order to facilitate muscle fiber growth. Supplement your new diet with a body-builder workout routine. This means dedication to dead lifts, squats, and especially bench presses. Go to the gym a few times a week and you’ll begin to notice a significant difference before long.

We’ve all seen commercials that promise the secret to toned, rigid abs with minimal effort. If these advertisements seem to ring false, it’s because they’re being dishonest. It’s true that many women are attracted to a fit, muscle-bound man. Be sure to note, however, that real results require a disciplined work ethic. With that said, there are certain techniques that work better than others.

Crunches are the most time-tested method for establishing six-pack abs. Sit-ups are less intensive and may be detrimental to neck muscles, while crunches isolate the target muscles. It’s best to make time for ab exercises every day, and to stick to a routine religiously. Once you begin taking a few days off, you can easily lapse even further and lose all of the progress you had made.

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